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Thursday, May 19

THE DRIFTERS - Save the Last Dance For Me

Today in 1960 The Drifters with Ben E King on Lead Vocals recorded 'Save the Last Dance For Me'. The song was written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman. The song is the basically written from the perspective of Doc Pomus. Doc had Polio and was not able to get around without the use of crutches and his wife was a beautiful Broadway actress and dancer.
The song is telling the beautiful lady to go, have a great time and dance all night if desired; but always come back to me at the end of the evening for the last dance. Awe! I have heard this song a gazillion times and didn't quite get the sentimental value of the lyrics - I will never hear the song again the same way now. 'Save the Last Dance for Me' hit No. 1 on both the U.S. Pop and R&B Charts and also made it to number 2 on the UK Charts. Okay, now so what do you think happened or maybe it was the times, but in the US it hits Pop and R&R and in Canada it hits No. 2 on the COUNTRY charts only. Huh? I find that odd.

'Save the Last Dance For Me' was covered by countless stars. I can't even imagine the royalties that have accumulated! Artists such as The Beatles, Petula Clark, Emmilou Harris, Dolly Parton, The Defranko Family and then of course we must mention in a great way the man who brought this song back to stardom stature in the Millennium; the Great Michael Buble. He won a Much Music award  
for this song in 2006. Is there anyone out there that has NOT tapped their toe to a Buble song? He is the epitome of Cross-Over!! Here is Michael's killer Salsa version - love the horns!!:

I must admit that I would have to say that it would be just sick and wrong to mention The Drifters without speaking to my favorite song in their repertoire; Under the Boardwalk.  The night before the studio session when in 1964 the lead singer (they had several) Rudy Lewis died of a suspected heroin overdose. Rudy sang with The Drifters after Ben E King left the group in 1960 to 1964. 
Instead of cancelling the Studio Session or attempting to find a new lead vocalist they brought back the original vocalist Johnny Moore. Everything happens for a Reason, I don't think the song would have had the same impact if Rudy would have been singing; there IS a big difference between their two voices.  Here is my Fave Drifters tune - feel free to jump into your nostalgic pants and drift into where you were when you first heard this song (Check out the shirts!!):

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