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Tuesday, November 8

JOHNNY PAYCHECK - Take This Job and Shove It!

Today in 1977 Johnny Paycheck (Donald Eugene Lytle) officially joined the Grand Ole Opry.  Johnny had quite the career and in my opinion was just a complete rebel! His songs were often in your face with hooks that you couldn't get out of your head...or at least I couldn't get them out of my head.


One of Johnny's most famous songs was Take This Job and Shove It.  Now come on, how can you not like this song? Without even hearing the song, we have all relate to the lyrics at one point or other in our lives. Right?  Here is a trip down memory lane for most and if this is new to you - welcome to Johnny Paycheck!

Johnny started his career playing bass and steel guitar for George Jones. He also worked with many other country acts such as Roger Miller, Faron Young and Ray Price.  He was a heck of a harmony vocalist and songwriter as well.  Johnny wrote a song called 'Apartment #9 for Tammy Wynette" of which hit the top of the charts in 1967.  Here is Apartment #9 by Tammy Wynette:

Johnny was definitely a rebel. Unfortunately in the 1990's he dove a little too far into the drugs and alcohol of which landed him in jail in 1985.  He was sentence to 7 years and spent 22 months in jail for firing a 22 pistol and grazing a mans head. Johnny claimed self defense and only served about 2 years of the 7 years because he was pardoned by the governor.  Johnny suffered from drug and alcohol addiction however passed in 2003 due to emphysema and asthma.
Here is one of my favorite Johnny Paycheck songs. Oh yah, I also wanted to let you know that Donald changed his name to Johnny Paycheck in 1964. The namesake is a boxer from Chicago that fought Joe Lewis for the Heavyweight Title....okay, I shall leave you now with my fave Johnny Paycheck moment:

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