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Tuesday, April 19


Today in 1980 Blondie hit No. 1 in the US, Canada and the UK for the song 'Call Me'.  Blondie was a 1970's New Wave band.    They were considered an eclectic mix of musical genre's including disco, rap, pop and reggae.  Now that is quite the mix of styled don't you think? Rap and pop - sounds like an oxymoron to me!!  'Call Me' charted at number one for six weeks in both the US and Canada. It was the signature song of the Richard Gere movie American Gigalo.  Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac was originally asked to lay down the song, but had to decline because of a new contract she had signed with a label. I wonder how Stevie would have sounded laying down 'Call Me' - I bet it would have been killer - as long as the Blondie beat was still there...likely wouldn't have been though. Everything happens for a reason right??

Blondie was formed by Debbie Harry and Chris Stein. It would just be sick and wrong to not mention one of my fave songs by Blondie: 'Heart of Glass'. Timeless! I especially love the na-na-na-na na's in the backup vocals along with the ooh-ooh's. You will hear very similar backups on my Album.  The bass drum in the song took an entire day in the studio, the snare took an entire day, the work that went into this song is amazing. I found a live version that has a very special spoken message from Debbie right before my favorite oohs and ah's - SMOKIN MESSAGE - still applies today!!:

Now lets talk 'One Way or Another'. Come on - who doesn't like this song? I am a country bumpkin and dig this tune in a big way. It has such attitude that you can't help but fall into the hook of the song with the attitude style of singing it.

Blondie broke up in the 80's and then reunited in the 90's. This band is still rocking it out folks! How kewl is that to get to hang on to yesterday for 3 decades? I am not sure how I feel about that, except that I can only imagine how engaging it must be for Debbie to sing Heart of Glass for the gazillionth time! lol I say this in a facetious tone as I would consider myself very fortunate to get to do the same thing!! Here they are all grown up. LOL

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  1. I absolutely love your blog, I look forward it to it daily. Unfortunately life is busy so I don't always get to read it or have the time to comment but know that if you write it they will come! Your blog is a great look at the musical talent that has affected our lives and I thank you for the wide variety as I am not just stuck on one genre. Your blogs are always written so well and so intriguing. Keep it up, thank you.

  2. I appreciate your kind words and do understand how busy life is. I try to blog daily however that is just not possible at times. I love all types of music as well and enjoy sharing my 2-cents on the subject. lol Cheerz & have a HUGE day! Netty