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Monday, February 18

Ray Charles improvised his way to Super Star

Today on February 18, 1959 Ray Charles put his name on the map.  Ray was playing a gig and ripped through his set list and still had time to play but no songs left (I have so been there!) so he decided to improvise. He jammed out a song and his amazing band and backup singers just went with the wind and the crowd went crazy! The crowd was so overwhelming that Ray went to his producer after the show and advised that he wanted to record the song. Well, it was history in the making as it was that song that just came out of nowhere: 'What I'd Say' that catapulted Ray Charles to mainstream radio and subsequent international stardom. Here is the vid - the energy on and off stage is so captivating for me:

Ray Charles is a household name I am certain of that. I have been a fan of his music for as long as I can remember. In writing this blog today I learned that it was Ray and this very song; 'What I'd Say' that evolved to become the new Soul Music Genre.  How kewl that a song that transpired out of sheer improvisation took Ray Charles music to the world and also created a new genre? I would venture as to say that this feat would be just short of a miracle to happen today. When I get Netty Mac out there to the world, wouldn't it be kewl to create the genre Country Rock 'n Roll?

Ray Charles has that star quality about him that I absolutely adore. The way he moves, speaks and performs moves me HUGE! Really though, look at the charisma in this picture. I would have to say that my favorite all-time song of Ray Charles song would have to be 'You Are My Sunshine' - Ray is the KING of making cover songs his own!! His version is so 'bounce in yer bum' material. I have also taken this song and NettyFIED it. It is about 250 beats per minute! lol I have such a blast performing 'You Are My Sunshine'. I actually call out in the mic prior to performing: 'Would anyone out there like to make me a bet that every single person in this room knows the words to this next song? That's right; it don't matter if you still smell like pee or if you are blue hair - everyone knows this next song..." Folks in the crowd always laugh at my 'pee' expression. he he he - I have to admit that it always makes me giggle a bit too.  I will record my version of the song in the very near future, however in the interim here is Ray's kik-buttox version and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:


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Thursday, February 7

The People Game - AKA for today: The Elephant and Dog Game

It has been a very long time since I Blogged and I intend to keep it up every 2-3 days. I didn't realize how much I missed it! Today's message is very simple and short and it relates to my song

My Find 4U: This has to be one of the best newscasts I have EVER seen.  The content unto its own is amazing and fills my heart right up to the brim. Also, I love the journalist' line: "Take a good look America, Take a good look WORLD - if they can do it - WHAT'S OUR EXCUSE?"  My song on the Album: The People Game has a very similar message. We are all playing the People Game daily - I will try to remember Tara and Bella when I face confrontation or difficult situations and remember if they can do it - I most certainly can! Talk about Polar Opposites! 

I am so very proud to update the Netty Mac Train now has:  52,683 FANS in 178 Country's   

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