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Monday, June 17

Colin Graham of Netty Mac, Neil Peart of Rush and Courtney Morse - WHAT A RUSH!!

We had an absolutely HUGE weekend at Big Als in YYC and I wanted to share with you all the power AND passion of Indie Fans! I found Courtney Morse; an amazing aspiring Artist, while I was at the East Coulee Spring Festival in May and asked her if she would like to come out and open a show for me. I thought she was going to fall down right then right there! lol She was genuinely stoked and just so full of life and excitement; it truly did make my day.  Courtney opened both Friday and Saturday night and the Netty Mac Train went ballistic! It was the first time ever that I was asked by the Fans if I would please bring my opening act back AND have then sing more songs next time. I have to say that a piece of my ego was "what the heck? you want to hear her and not me?"...I am joking but that ego did rear it's ugly head for a frogs-hair of a second. lol (and frogs don't have hair - that's how small it was. he he he) Music Fans ROCK! I am a huge music fan and get it, so ensure that as an Artist my Fans know I love them as much as they love me.  'They' also saw this trait in Courtney. I said it at the show and I will say it again - get her autograph because it is going to be a HUGE story and worth a fortune one day! She truly has the gift to make it in the music business and The Train saw and appreciated that to a great extent.

Photographer: Peter Rutter

The show on Saturday was in particular HUGE as I and my new band completely nailed it! Personally I put on my best Entertainer Performance EVER and am very proud.  Colin Graham, my drummer took the entire place by complete surprise with his drum solo on Friday so I thought it would be great to record the performance Saturday. Well! Here it is:

Videographer: Peter Rutter 

 Photographer: Peter Rutter

I was so blown away by Colin's stamina! I am also so proud of my Band! Mark Stauffer - Lead Guitar, John Stalgitis - Bass, Colin Graham - Drums.  The 3rd set intro was top-notch pro and the crowd ate it right up!! I giggled right from the tummy when a fan walked up to me while Colin was ripping his solo and asked me if he played with Rush. I mean, I didn't want to be rude or anything; but I couldn't help but giggle. I told her I would make sure to tell him about the HUGE compliment. I have to say at the end of the day, it is an amazing feat to put on an extended drum solo and have it be entertaining. I am sure you could hear the hollering and whistles in the background when you watched Colins video. That ROCKS when that happens!  

Photographer: Peter Rutter

I look forward to taking The Netty Mac Train to the level that the Rush Fan was referring to in the very near future! I can't wait to have the stage in this next video and KUDO's to the greatest (in my humble opinion) Rock Drummer of all time, I think I know how Geddy Lee of Rush feels:

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