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Monday, April 25

JOHNNIE RAY - 'Such a Night'

Today in 1954 Johnnie Ray (John Alvin Ray  Jan 10, 1927 – Feb 24, 1990) soared to the number 1 on the UK charts with his song 'Such a Night'.  Johnnie was an American singer, songrwiter that played a mean piano.  He was most popular in the 1950's and it has been said that he was a integral part of the Rock and roll evolution for his jazz and blues-influenced music. More than anything though, he was considered a pioneer of Rock and Roll because of his animated stage personality.

Amazing talent when you consider that he was deaf in one ear due to an accident at a Boyscout event when he was 13 years old. He had a hearing aid to help him out. Have you ever heard someone sing when they have headphones on and cannot hear themselves? PAINFUL isn't it? Now imagine what an accomplishment it was to get a number one hit with 50% hearing loss!! Johnny Ray had surgery in New York that left him almost completely deaf in BOTH ears and he STILL continued to sing with the assistance of hearing aids.

Here is Johnnie Ray's FIRST Number One Hit: 'Such a Night':

In my opinion Ray had it going on! The talent in light of his hearing loss is one thing, but he was also a very kind and generous man that was very adept in business. Whether he intended to or not, one of his roads took him to Judy Garland in 1969 where he then opened up for many of her last concerts. What a trip that must have been to the likes of Sweden, Copenhagen and Denmark to name just a few. He also became very close friends with Judy and was the Best Man at her Wedding.

Johnnie was also an actor and appeared in 4 movies and had several TV appearances. Some kewl tidbits about Johnnie is that he appeared in the Billy Idol Video 'Don't Need a Gun' and he is also mentioned in the first verse of Billy Joel's song 'We Don't Start the Fire'

Johnnie Rae was ahead of his time with his style and delivery. To me, he was a little Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley all rolled into one.
Here is my personal favorite Johnnie Ray song:

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  1. Still prefer Elvis's version of "Such a night".I listened to Johnnys' version,for the first time.Sounded all over the place.I didnt know what to make of it.I liked Johnnys' other songs tho.Thanks.