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Friday, August 24

Closed Minds - My Find 4U NMMM

My Find 4U (from Netty Mac Music Mania in Facebook: Click 2go2 original blog in Facebook: Netty Mac Music Mania: 'If only closed minds came with closed mouths." It rarely works out that way though right? A closed mind, in my mind LOL; tends to have a very loud voice with little to no apprehension to use inside voice. This is right up there with the reality that insecurities stem from judgements and when we stop judging others we find that we then stop judging ourselves.
So why do I bring in an insecurity/judgement quote in addition you ask? I think that spewing close-minded crap is a mirror to the judgements behind the words not spoken in the open INSECURE mind!!! And then that leads me to the oxymoron of today's find : we judge others for judging because judging is WRONG!!. I am crackin' me up here - got up way too early this morning I guess!
I am so very proud to update the Netty Mac Train now has:  49, 000+ FANS in 173 Country's 

Cheerz & have a HUGE day!!
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