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Friday, September 21

My Dreams' Dream

My Find 4U: 'Sometimes on the way to the DREAM we get lost and find a better one.'.... I absolutely love this little Gem as it is SO ME! All I ever wanted since 4ever was to have my own CD of my own songs and now my Dreams Dream is to have one of my songs played at the CCMA, CMA, Juno's, Grammy's... (while I am walking up to the stage to collect my award LOL) Really though, now that I have that CD, it is ALL about getting the video (pretty tough to get a song out there these days without a video and if have a referral or would like to jump on the train yourself- YAY - bring it on!!).   
My Dreams Dream has now evolved into watching my video while polishing my CCMA when I am 99 - not just to listen to my own CD. Isn't life just grande! The law of attraction (or whatever you prefer to call it) ROCKS MY WORLD! Thanx bunches MammaDee for posting this pic last night - I quite like what my brain did with it with regards to the 'Dreams Dream' - likely a song to pop out in the very near future! 
This is what I came up with this morning:
I thought I knew what I wanted
This great big DREAM of mine
To listen to my very own CD
In my chair when I'm ninety-nine

So I went through all my songs
And then I build a great band
Now I'm rockin' on my own stage
And even making FANS!

Chorus to come - Dreams' Dream .....

I am so very proud to update the Netty Mac Train now has:  50,665 FANS in 174 Country's   

Cheerz & have a HUGE day!!
Chow Mein Noodle!!!!
Netty xoxo

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