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Thursday, September 13

The Glory of Rising, Falling and LOVE!

My Find 4U: 'Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.' ... This is SO me today: risen, rejuvenated & READY: BRING IT ON! Uh-Huh gotz-da 'TUDE 2DAY fer sure! lol
I love LOVE and understand in myself that it is a core that sits beside air and water! I think that may be why so many of my songs are about love (or lack or want or just pissed! lol).     I could play for days just singing my love songs but it would not be a pretty audience by the end of it all! he he he I have been focusing on writing upbeat songs and after the CCMA/Country Music Week Trip in Sasktoon last weekend; a doozer is milling about. Risen and rejuvenated - yes on so many levels for me today!! 
This whole music biz dream thang is so much more than what I bargained for or imagined on so many levels; but one thing is for certain: my heart needs a hell of allot more love than it does oxygen and I am proud to say that! Does that make me weak? I was actually told that one time - my heart makes me weak... 
I say those with love in their hearts that allow it to flow as their compass AND foundation can conquer anything and definitely RISE no matter how far the fall. Take for example water eroding mountains one day at a time turning them into grains of sand - yep - now come on: Datza-freakin-powerful! Falling is indeed a not-so-pleasent by-product of love not right - but rising is indeed well...for me....IT: in the name of love!
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Cheerz & have a HUGE day!!
Chow Mein Noodle!!!!
Netty xoxo

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