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Sunday, July 17

HEART - Magic Man

Today in 1976 'Magic Man' was released by Heart.  I love this band! So many songs to mention and so little time!! 'Magic Man went on to be Heart's biggest song peaking at No. 9 on the Billboard Charts. The song was written by Ann and Nancy Wilson.
It is about an older man seducing a younger girl, but is from the perception of the unhappy mother who begs her daughter to come home. The song is a partial autobiography from Anne's perspective as she was dating her then manager; much older than she.  Here is the video. KILLER! I always ensure to add a drum solo to every one of my shows, I do believe it is a lost art when it comes to entertainment and the drum solo in this song speaks to how entertaining they really are. I wonder why no one does it anymore:

Heart has had many successes over the last 4 decades and kicked out songs in the genre's of Hard Rock, Metal and Folk. They have sold over 35 million albums world wide.  One of my favorite rock songs is 'Barracuda'; on Hearts' second album titled 'Little Queen' released in 1977.  One of the reasons I love to blog on Muzik Newz Ago2daY is that it feeds my brain.  I love to see how other Artists make it and what they do to get there. Along this path in my research I come across details that one doesn't normally hear unless they are there at the time and  hearing or seeing first hand from the press. 
Ann Wilson disclosed in an interview that the song 'Barracuda' was written to make a statement against their record company, Mushroom Records. So if you are not aware, Heart is comprised of two sisters. Well, according to Ann the record company attempted to drum up publicity by fabricating a story that Ann and her sister Nancy were having a lesbian affair. REALLY?! What on earth were they thinking?! I guess Ann received the information after a concert from a fan and immediately went back to her hotel room and wrote the lyrics. I can't even imagine how much ire she had when writing the song.  Once again, I am listening to a song I have heard for over 2 decades for the first time (from the perspective of the story behind why/how the song was written):

Of course I have to end with my fave tune of Heart: 'All I Want to do is Make Love to You'.  This song is about a woman who is with a man who is unable to give her children so so goes out and has a one-night stand to get pregnant. NOW, I do not condone this behavior (lol), but the song is so very powerful. Excellent writing!

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