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Saturday, July 30

Today one week ago - NETTY MAC HISTORY Happened

The Chestermere Water Festival was a 3rd Annual All-Ages Free Festival in Chestermere, Alberta. The stage, lighting, equipment and sound technician were all first class and an absolute pleasure to work with. We hit the stage at 10:00 for our set and we hit the stage hard. The interesting thing about this show was that we only had a handful of Netty Mac fans there to cheer us on and the cheerz were in abundance! I couldn't believe the warm reception we received. The crowd was so in to us and that of course just fed our performance to the 10th degree.

The stage was situated very close to the shore line of the Chestermere Lake and was facing the Beer Gardens. It was an excellent set up because there were benches and places for families etc to sit right in front of the stage and the Beer Gardens fence was behind that area so the audience was not confined to the Beer Gardens as is the case with most festivals. One thing I truly enjoy about playing Family events are the kids. To see their reaction to live music gives me goose bumps every time. It is so amazing to have those young people dancing and groovin along with me. When everyone has a bounce in their bum, I have a HUGE bounce in My bum and then the show just escalates from there. This little fellow is George. George now calls me Aunty Netty - how sweet is that?!:

The really kewl thing about this particular festival is that the fireworks were going off on the water behind us off a barge on the water. Now THAT was a different experience to perform with! This was a first for me. It was SauCesome! Now in saying that, at one point it was a little crazy as the wind carried the smoke from the fireworks right to the stage and it was very difficult to breathe, let alone sing! You can see the smoke in this pic:

I was very concerned when driving to this show as to how on earth I was going to pull off the performance. I had pneumonia and was extremely weak. This taught me two things. 1) I know in the future that I can do whatever I set my mind to and 2) I can sing when I can hardly talk! lol I was amazed at how well I did and very grateful that I did not squawk out a note or miss a beat. I am still in awe that I actually pulled off that 45 minute performance when just 2 hours prior I didn't have the strength to change into my stage clothes. There was absolutely no way I could cancel the show as I was the headliner and I tell ya, I was freaked right out. Now in retrospect, I am so glad it happened as I am armed should this ever happen to me in the future.

Now performing with pneumonia was a first, but my highlite of the evening (also being a first) was when I got home and was relaxing. Doug and Darlene Leece of Firstfire Productions (Doug played Lead Guitar and vocals right before us with his band 1 Foot Party (wow, but how those boyz rock it right out - their motto is that you are never too old to rock) hosted the festival and were kind enough to give all of the Entertainers a 'SwagBag' of goodies. I went through mine when I got home. There were many things in the bag, but the kewlest thang for me was when I pulled out the T-shirt. They made a T-shirt with the logo of the fish and keys etc that are on the poster above on the front of the shirt and on the back was a list of all of the Artists that hit the stage that day. And there it was! My name on a T-shirt. This was a first for me and it just jolted that sickness right out of me right then and there! My name on a festival shirt, well a shirt for that matter that I DID NOT MAKE. LOL I will be framing the poster with that T-shirt to showcase along side my other milestones and the Awards I haven't received yet. (he he) That was such a neat experience for me. I just wanted to share it with you. 3 Netty Mac firsts with the putting on a great show in spite of the pneumonia, fireworks going off while we were performing and as well as my name listed on a shirt with so many other talented Artists. Thank you Doug & Darlene Leese of Firstfire Productions for the memories and you will forever live in  heart AND Netty Mac Showcase'.

I am so STOKED!....HUGE Netty Mac Milestone goin' down - STAY TUNED!: ChuggA! - ChugGA!! - ChuGGA!!! - CHUGGA!!!! Whoot! - Whoot!!!!

I am so very proud to update the Netty Mac Train now has:  27, 360 FANS in 132 Country's 
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Cheerz & have a HUGE day!!
Chow Mein Noodle!!!!
Netty xoxo

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