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Thursday, June 23


Today in 1963 The Surfari's released 'Wipe Out'.  While they were in the studio recording they had the idea to mimic the sound of a surf board breaking and then brought in their manager to start the song with "ha ha ha ha ha, wipe out." Now who doesn't know whats coming when you hear those words? It is indeed a hook to the song. I always try to find a video from the time of the song but unfortunately this is the only vid that is remotely close to entertaining. The boyz are rockin it out still today:


Can you imagine this? There was actually another band at the exact same time in southern California that called themselves The Surfari's and then when 'Wipe Out' hit the charts they changed their name to The Original Safari's. Now that would be a drag! HOWEVER, I would imagine that they got a great deal more attention as the public would perceive them to be the band that was listed on the charts. Regardless, I can't even imagine how upset I would be if tomorrow someone hit the charts as Netty Mac! You spend a great deal of time honing your craft, image, marketing and getting your music out to the peeps...all to have someone come along and take that image, name & branding? Yep - I would end up in a looney bin 4sure! lol lol
I like the Surfari's but I must confess that these boys don't come close to The Ventures version of their song. It ROCKS and I can't wait to showcase the amazing Mr. Greg Collins (My Drummer - I call him Master Gregee in my show when he does as is done in this vid!

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