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Wednesday, June 1

JOHNNY HORTON - The Battle of New Orleans

Today in 1959 Johnny Horton hit No. 1 (and stayed there for TWO months) on both the Pop AND Country Charts int he US with 'The Battle of New Orleans'.

The song was actually a poem written by Jimmy Driftwood in 1936. Jimmy was a school principle that had a passion for history and he utilized music and poem to teach his students. He used an old fiddle song called 'The Eighth of January" This was the date of the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. The poem was written with a humorous tone to account for the Battle from the perspective of an American Soldier. Jimmy became well known for his unique teaching skills by putting history to song and was eventually signed and recorded a 12-song Album in 1958; including 'The Battle of New Orleans'. Johnny Horton took the song to the charts though.

Johnny Horton was awarded a Grammy in 1960 for Best Country & Western Recording and then in 2001 "The Battle of New Orleans was awarded a Grammy Hall of Fame award and also in that year it was ranked 333 of the Recording Industry Association of America's 'Song of the Century'.  Now there is a title hey? Song of the Century! ooooh I can only dream! Song of the Century. I find it amazing which songs make it and which don't. There is definitely no set formula...I guess in the big picture that is a good thing.

I grew up on Johnny Horton, my grandmother loved him and I loved everything my grandmother loved! Oh, so many memories of those truck trips listening to Johnny and oh yes, lets not forget Boxcar Willie!..another day.... Another song I really like from Johnny just so happens to be his other biggest hit: North to Alaska. I was told that I should put this song into my set list, however I am not sure folks are ready for the NettyFIED version. LMAO! I always try to find a live video of the Artist however this time I am posting a vid with still pics - they ROCK and really do take you right into the lyrics of the song:

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