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Tuesday, June 7

JOHN DENVER - Thank God I'm A Country Boy

Today in 1975 Bob Denver hit No. 1 on the US Singles chart with his best song ever (I love it anyway - it was one of my fave records to dance on my bed to!) 'Thank God I'm a Country Boy'. Well I most certainly learned something new today, I thought all these years that John Denver wrote the song but nope; it was John Martin Summers. John M. Summers was Denver's guitar/fiddle player in the backup band. He wrote it while he was on his way to Los Angeles coming from Aspen Colorado. Yes, no kidding thank God I'm a country boy - that trip would definitely pull that song out of you!Actually he was quoted as speaking about how he was doing in life and it inspired the song: "peaceful, happy and content".

Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. (Dec 31, 1943 - Oct 12, 1977) and as well all know him: John Denver. Now here is one of those rare times where I do believe it was a wise choice or advice to change the name. John Denver was not only a singer/songwriter; he was a HUGE activist and humanitarian.   

In his career he released about 300 songs of which about 200 were his own and this earned him 12 Gold and 4 Platinum albums.    

 I have always enjoyed John Denver's music. It is about as pure as the driven snow! Talk about a Family show. His writing is so wholesome and he had such a way with words that he could put paragraphs worth of information into ONE sentence. Amazing writer AND human being for the well-being of our earth!  

I would have to say the best song he ever wrote (in my books) was 'Take Me Home, Country Roads".  It just fills the heart right up to the brim!

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