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Monday, May 23


 Today in never-never land I merely going to share an interesting email I received. I just can't resist in sharing this with you as I was somewhat shocked and at times horrified by what I was looking at. Now I know that father time is unstoppable, however when looking at these pictures I do now take more care and consideration as to how fast I would like Father Time knocking on my forehead! lol  The following pictures are an illustration of how these stars looked and then how they aged. It is blatant in cases that Father Time was a little pissed or something! lol All in fun when it comes to the big stars right? I do not intend to offend anyone -  I am merely sharing an email that I received that made me giggle and heed renewed focus on the importance of taking care of myself through this musical journey! lol

Michael Philip Jagger, The Rolling Stones

Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones-

Steven Tyler, Aerosmith

Johnny Rotten,Sex Pistols

Vincent Damon Furnier, Alice Cooper 

Iggy Pop

Ozzy Osbourne

Bob Dylan
David Lee Roth 

Rod Stewart

This is a fun Blog day on this Holiday Monday, so this Blog is just simple poking fun at some of the great voices of our time. I would like to add that I think it is amazing that all of these guyz are still rockin' it out! This will be something that we talk about for generations to come I bet! The new music is very diverse and short-lived; it will be interesting to see who has the longevity of the pioneers of our music!!  

I know that this cat is not a Rock Star, but I just couldn't help myself! In saying that, by todays standards he could defintely become a Rock Star if he wanted to - there ARE several genres out there where you don't really have to carry a tune.  He is a Movie Star-Body Builder turned politician - Mr. Universe himself:

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