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Wednesday, May 11

THE BYRDS - Mr. Tambourine

Today in 1965 The Byrds made their debut on NBC's "Hallabaloo" singing 'Mr. Tambourine Man'. The Byrds recorded Mr. Tambourine Man in 1965; the song was also written and recorded in 1965 by Bob Dylan. Now wouldn't that just tick you off? Hey, here's my new album; but wait - hey the Byrds just recorded my song IN THE SAME YEAR IT WAS RELEASED? I would not be happy about that at all! On the other hand, I am certain that I would not complain about the decades of royalties rollin' in....

I started off today's Blog by mentioning NBC's "Hallabaloo.  I have never heard of the program before and it stands to reason: a-I was not born yet and b-it only stayed on the air for a year. I found this video of the Hallabaloo dancers. Oh my, but we have certainly come a long way in dancing!! lol The music is Batman - enjoy the ride on yesterdays:

'Mr. Tambourine' was a hit on many charts and both Dylan's version and the Byrds' received a Grammy Hall of Fame Award. The Byrds took the song to a whole new level and genre - Folk Rock. Ha Ha - sounds like an oxymoron to me. You gotta love those days hey? Music was so fresh and the frontier was vast with regards to 'not been done yet!'. I am told that my music would fall into this category. I recently had a music exec from Universal Records tell me that I am ahead of my time and to keep doing what I am doing. This is quite challenging as it is very difficult to book a show. We are too country for the Rock Bars and we are too Rock for the Country Bars and we are the furthest thing from Folk and Blues - go figure! We shall see what happens once the CD is released though! I have decided to diversify to the situation and it is working; time will tell!  See you out there soon!

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