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Sunday, May 8

MOTHER'S DAY DEDICATION - Special Netty Mac Tribute

In the name of Muzik Newz Ago2day I am dedicating today's Blog to all Mother's out there.  I am very fortunate to have a Mom that is also one of my best friends. When I was a brat teenage girl I OFTEN just wished my Mom would let up and see me as the grown woman that was! (or in my own mind of course!). In looking back at those times when I was such an abstinent brat that rebelled for not getting EVERYTHING I KNEW I DESERVED (in the name of Womanhood and FREEDOM - lol); I have come to realize that every one of my friends would tell me how lucky I was to have such a kewl Mom.    My reply was often: "are you kidding me? you have NO idea!". LMAO Everyone called my Mom: Mom! She was the friend to everyone and now that I look back, she did treat us as adults and got down to our level of thinking. Otherwise, all of
my friends would not have thought she was so damn cool! Funny, over the years through our trials and friends STILL say that Darlene Mackenzie is the coolest mom out there. My friends often tell me that they wish that they could have the relationship with their Mom like I do. I am the richest woman in the world and don't have a dime to my name when looking at how fortunate I am to have the Mom that I do! Don't get me wrong, of course it has not always been bliss; quite the opposite when looking through the eyes of that 'teenage bratt!". At the end of the day, I know as the grown woman that I am now, that I am so very luck to have a Mom and Best Friend that supports me in everything that I do and also more important: does not hesitate to give her two cents on what I am not doing or what I could be doing!

The following is a song that I recently wrote. I thought I was writing the song about me and this woman that I have become. I was wrong. The song ended up being a tribute to my Mommy. The reason you ask? Because I am a chip off the old block. I am very self confident. Many misconstrue this as arrogance. I know what I want and do everything in my power to attain my goals and face obstacles and adversity as a challenge as opposed to a road block. My Mom is also a chip off the old block. My Grandmother was one amazing woman of courage and strength and self-worth. This song is about my Grandmother, myself and to the core: Darlene Mackenzie:

I Make It Mine 
© Netty Mac 2011

Some call me bold, other's call me arrogant
I don't fit any molds, I always go for what I want
I don't sit back in my chair, waiting on that Silver Platter
My Momma taught me to climb stairs, to get to that place that really matters

I don't get what I don't as for, I'm not afraid to cross any lines
Even when I'm faced with slamming doors
I find an open window and I make it mine
Oh yah, I make it mine!

I am true to me, I don't bend for acceptance
I am wild and free, and my core is persistance
I don't chew on yesterday, no the past won't make my future
And as my Momma would always say, shoot for the moon and strive to be....BETTER

I don't get what I don't as for, I'm not afraid to cross any lines
Even when I'm faced with slamming doors
I find an open window and I make it mine
Oh yah, I make it mine!
Yah, I make it mine!

The picture above is shot of me and my Mommy singing on stage together. Now this is mind-blowing for me. I never knew my Mom could sing; until this past year.  Blew me right out of the water really when she asked me to send her the song because she couldn't get the words down in one of the verses. HUH? I was dumbfounded! Now at my shows, I always ask her to come up and sing with me. AND, when the stars are really aligned, when my sister TammaLee (Brilliant singer-songwriter!) is in the house, she also comes up on stage and we all jam out 'To Feel This Feel" - all three of us. There are no words that I can use to describe to you how I feel when this is happening. Only one: LOVE.

Okay, so enough of the mushy mushy. I went into Youtube to find some videos that would be kewl to put into my blog today. Well, fasten seatbelts...extinguish all are about to go on a ride that I am certain will be most unexpected. LOL LOL LOL

Here is a message from Mr. T . yep, that's right - Mr. T - do you remember him? Well, look at his socks, look at the backup singer moves...just well, go ahead and Laugh out Loud - I sure did:

The following video is a Mother singing about being a mother - BRILLIANT!!


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