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Wednesday, March 16


MUZIK NEWZ AGO2DAY - NAUGHTY MAC & HOT ROD HARRIET - I know that this is quite outside my usual Blog, however I just could not resist sharing this story with you. Last month we entered into the Lammles Rising Star Contest and I am proud to advise that we have advanced to the Semi-Finals. We play tomorrow night at the Ranchmans at 6:00 and welcome everyone to jump on the Netty Mac Train and come on out and cheer us on.. Here is my Video Promo for the Semi-Finals show tomorrow night - click Like if you Like please, also sharing to your Social sites would be HUGE to me!!:
This is the fourth year that I have entered into the contest. I made it to Finals the first year and didn't even make the Semi-Finals the last 2 entries. Regardless of winning or losing, it is always a great idea to get on the stage and perform in contests. One of my previous Producers told me to enter into every contest I possibly can just so that I can gain experience of singing under pressure. As he (Music Center Canada Recording) said, one day you may find yourself in a chair with your guitar in an office and have one shot to sing for the record deal. Made complete sense to me! So now I try to enter when I have the time.

It truly is mind-blowing to me how so many things have changed over the years. I was crapping my pants in the first Rising Star Audition and now the 4th time around, I was Netty-nervous but nowhere near psycho-crapping. LMAO! I always get nervous right before I go on stage and that is a good thing. It is because I care and want to put on the best show EVER. There is however a big difference between a healthy nervous and a rookie-nervous. If I am (and I have been) in a position where I am NOT nervous prior to going on stage - THEN I start to panic and wonder why! That nervousness gives me my edge. It is a benchmark for me that I hope never ever goes away - regardless of the size of stage or years in the industry.

....So..Newz Ago2day... we are at the Rising Star Auditions and HOT ROD HARRIET from Country 105 is M.C-ing and all is going very smooth. The competition this year is AMAZING and therefore a ton of fun listening to everyone AND getting to hang out with my Boyz(Band) and Crew that showed up to cheer on the Netty Mac Train. The process is that as a contestant is headed to the stage, the next 3 are to line up and prepare for their Audition (which by the way was a nerve-racking 2 songs BUT only ONE MINUTE per song - not much time to shine.. and where do you hack the song to make it just one minute ?!?! lol)

Now a Contestant is getting ready on stage and Hot Rod Harriet then calls up nAtty mac..yep - that's right: Natty. lol Not the first time either - maybe I should capitalize the E from now on? me and the Boyz go up and we proceed to correct her on the annunciation. I can now see the embarrassment in her face as she says 'oh, it's not nAtty?".. WELL, she then pulls out redemption (quite clever and extremely fast!) and says: "I prefer Naughty Mac". The Boyz' faces light up, I can see the light bulbs instantaneously turn on, I looked at H.R. Harriet and said: "You have NO idea what you just started", "I will pay you back for this."

Naughty Mac was the joke for the rest of the afternoon. As a matter of fact, Hot Rod Harriet had flubbed on saying something and I made a joke about it across the room. In Hot Rod's great Public Personality style she smiles and professionally covers my flagging her error by making fun of herself and I then proceed to say: "I told you I will get you back for what you started."...

So, yes just as I expected; my Boyz have filed Hot Rod Harriet's new name for me and I fully expect it to be around for quite some time. If you know me at all you know that I KNOW it is going to be around forever otherwise I would never have blogged today about it - which of course will only add fuel to the fire.

To Hot Rod Harriet, I thank you for your clever coin for my Show/name. I look forward to how this is all going to unravel over time. As I said, there will come a day when we will be even. LOL As for fueling the fire - If I am Naughty Mac - what then would become of my Boyz' names? Hmmm....what shall we call them? Each of them? Thanx bunches for the fun & Giggles Hot Rod; and as I said, you have no idea what you started!

Cheerz & have a HUGE day!
Chow Mein Noodle
Netty xoxo

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